Premijum Kajsija

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Premium apricot brandy Bojkovčanka is made from selected fruits of indigenous varieties of apricot. After the double distillation process, the top-quality apricot brandy is poured into oak barrels. The intense color of gold and the pronounced fruity taste of apricot is what will awaken all your senses.

Aged apricot brandy 3y

Serving suggestion

Choose a tulip-shaped glass for serving,  we recommend a temperature of 16 c.


Raw material (fruit variety)


Distillation machine

Fractional distiller.

At least 3 years, in 500 l oak barrels.

Crystal clear, golden yellow.

Wonderful and intense, typical of apricot.

Full and rounded, very complex.

Awaken your palates

It’s time to wake up your little ones and discover the freshness of fruit spirits and complex multi-layered bouquets of aged distillates. Enhance your cocktails with our natural liqueurs, aged graps and organic gin. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or a special bottle for your home bar, we believe you will find it with us.

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